About us

Meet the band

Learn a bit more about each of the band members and our musical experience.

Gemma - Vocals

Gemma likes to think she is a Diva! She started singing in primary school, and hasn’t stopped since. Over the past 20+ years, she has performed in theatres and sports stadiums, as well as pubs and clubs, and on the beach. She has an eclectic (dodgy) taste in music, a big range and loves to belt out a song. Being a part of this band is her favourite musical journey so far.

Harry - Guitar & Keyboard

Harry plays guitar and keyboards, sometimes at the same time! He has been playing both for over 20 years and puts a lot of effort into tweaking his sound, to recreate the recorded songs as closely as possible. He plays Gibson and Fender guitars into Marshall valve amps. Keyboards are Nord and Novation.

Craig - Bass

Craig is in charge of the low-end frequencies. He has been playing bass for twenty years and in bands almost every weekend for the last five years. Craig hails from Stoke-on-Trent, and a fun fact about him is that his great-great-grandfather invented the oatcake! Not actually true.

Sam - Drums

Sam has been hitting the skins for exactly half his life as I write this. He has performed in one of the North West's premier Abba tribute bands. In his wise words, "Drums go bang bang".